Champagne Éric Philippe | History
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In an effort to produce Champagne of the highest quality in the region, we aligned with Nicolas Maillart to produce our Champagne Éric Philippe.  The origins of the Maillart family’s Champagne date back to 1720 when the family’s first producer, Nicolas, began growing grapes and making wines.  The family’s Champagne origins are confirmed by the archives of the village of Chamery.  For almost 300 years, the family has passed down its expertise and knowledge from father to son for 9 generations.


Nicolas Maillart now carries on the family’s legacy making award winning Champagnes.  Nicolas has been producing since his early 20s after spending his academic career preparing himself to take over the family business.  He focused on higher technical diploma in viticulture-oenology in Bordeaux, followed in 1998 by oenology and agricultural engineering studies in Montpellier. These two complementary qualifications provided him with a solid basis on which to work both in the vineyard and the winery. He also went abroad to learn about techniques and practices used elsewhere, traveling first to Oregon – home of the USA’s best Pinot Noir – in 2000, and to South Africa in 2002, a choice motivated by its climatic similarity to Champagne and because of the outstanding quality of its white wines. Armed with family expertise and his own knowledge, Nicolas perpetuates the family tradition with the aim of maintaining the House philosophy – to bring out the potential of each terroir and enhance the flavors of the grapes in this wine which is so symbolic of conviviality and pleasure.




Eric Jon Rothchild was introduced to the art of winemaking by his grandfather, Nathan Rothchild during the 1960’s. Eric started collecting wines in his late teens, and kept journals of his tasting while attending college. His passion for wine evolved while in medical school. He then attended numerous professional wine tastings and traveled to Europe for further exposure and knowledge to the wine industry. Eric elevated his knowledge of winemaking by enrolling in a 2 year Program in Winemaking at the University of California, Davis. He completed this program and graduated with a Certificate Degree in Winemaking and Viticulture.


Eric has traveled to meet with winemakers from many prestigious chateaus, wineries and vineyards through out France, Italy and Spain. This exposure has fostered his strong interest to create a fine wine that would rival those that have been made from the great European houses. Eric’s understanding of the intricacies of enology now allow him to create a fine wine worthy of drinking today as well as one to cellar for many years.


The Rothchild family has now established a presence in Rutherford, California, the heart of the Napa Valley wine country. They wish to offer the highest quality Napa Valley wine for others to enjoy from the family’s experience.



Eric’s three sons, Taylor, Pierce and Grayson have been exposed to the wine industry most of their lives. They were formally introduced to fine wines and taught the nuances of winemaking by their father, Eric Jon Rothchild. Taylor, Pierce  Grayson have all worked during the summers in Napa Valley since their teens.



For the last decade Taylor and his father Eric have together produced several vintages continuing the legacy. Taylor was exposed to the winemaking business from an early age. In his teens, he worked for the prestigious Inglenook Winery (formerly Rubicon Estate) owned by Film Director, Francis Ford Coppola. Taylor discovered the various nuances of operating a winery from simultaneously working across multiple departments within the chateau.


Taylor has traveled the world learning about wines from countries such as France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and many others. After finishing his JD/MBA program, Taylor took on a more active role in the business focusing on scaling the winery and expanding the portfolio of wines offered. Taylor crafted and introduced the winery’s first Rosé wine (Rothchild Rosé) as well as a new line of Champagnes produced in France exclusively for Tayson Pierce called Champagne Eric Philippe.



The wine label, Tayson Pierce originates from the combined names of Eric and Susan’s three children Taylor, Grayson and Pierce. This signifies the combined efforts of the Rothchild family to create a very special vintage. In following with our family tradition, we hope that the future generations of Rothchilds will continue to pursue excellence in artisan wine creation.

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