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Champagne Eric Philippe Blog

  • Philosophy Behind Low Dosage While dosage sounds like a fancy word, its meaning is quite simple and integral to Champagne production. Dosage refers to the amount of sugar added to Champagne to balance the grapes’ high acidity. Due to low temperatures in the Champagne region,...

  • Our Winemaker, Nicholas Maillart, and established consultant for premiere Champagne brands, Jiles Halling, detailed their philosophy and process of turning grapes into our three low dosage Champagnes – 2012 Vintage Extra Brut, Brut Rosé, and MV Extra Brut. We pride ourselves on our low dosage.

  • The king and queen of luxury: Champagne and caviar. Is there anything more indulgent, outrageous, or delicious? This classic pairing has been enjoyed throughout history, but what technically is caviar? How do you enjoy it? Most importantly, what do you pair it with? In honor...

  • Chances are, you’ve been at a party and experienced the oohs and ahhs, the gasp of anticipation, the cheers of success as someone bravely runs a sword over a bottle of  Champagne and expels the cork to heroically fill Champagne coupes with beautiful bubbles! Well,...

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